Sthree Sakthi Lottery Result: Know All About Sthree Sakthi Lottery

sthree sakthi lottery result

Check Sthree Sakthi Lottery Result

The Sthree Sakthi Lottery Result is a lottery program run by the government of Kerala. The weekly lottery is conducted every Tuesday. The Stree Sakthi Lottery  is a part of the several lotteries conducted by Kerala government for a ransom of 1 crore for the first winner. Put your fate at work by finding your name in the list of 8 prize winners. But winning such a huge ransom is not easy, try your luck until you win.

Kerala Lotteries: About

This lottery program was started in the year 1967, by the lottery government of Kerala. All the private lotteries were banned and the Kerala government commenced with the Kerala State Lotteries.This excellent thought was originated by the former Finance Minister P.K Kunju Sahib. This program started to provide employment and surplus the government financed without troubling its people.

Stree Sakthi Lottery

This concept was appreciated by other states in India. Kerala became a role model and many states got inspired to adopt the idea. The Kerala State Lottery consists of different types of lottery draws  with different pre-decided ransom. There are 7 types of lotteries releasing every week:

  1. Win Win lottery result – Monday
  2. sthree sakthi lottery result – Tuesday
  3. Akshaya – Wednesday
  4. Pratheeksha(Karuna Plus) – Thursday
  5. Nirmabhayanidhi and Nirmal – Friday
  6. Karunya – Saturday
  7. Pournami lottery result– Sunday

All these lotteries are governed and administered by the Kerala government.  The individual can also win some bumper lotteries.The bumper lotteries are seasonal. The different types of bumper lotteries are Vishu, Onaam, Thironam, Pooja, X’ Mas or New Year etc.

 Kerala Lotteries: How it Works?

The Kerala government is involved in conducting 6 weekly lottery, 2 biweekly which is circulated throughout the state. The printing and distribution of these lottery tickets in handled by the government. The designing of these lottery tickets is performed by artist panels  under the control of the Director. The number of tickets and series are decided by  the director. Random number and barcode are used for a fair game. s the weekly ticket costs Rs 20, 30, 50 while the bumper tickets are costly at Rs 100 and Rs 200.

Lottery results

Sthree Sakthi Lottery Prize Money

The recent sthree sakthi lottery result  was conducted on 4th  July 2017.  This is practiced every Tuesday. People are highly enthusiastic while buying one/ many lottery tickets. The official site of Kerala Lottery announce the results at 4 p.m. If  you are lucky enough to get  similar pre decided digits, you become the winner. There is a fixed amount of the top 8 winners. Move down to know the prize money:

1st Winner:  Rs 10,000,000/-

Consolidation Prize: Rs 10,000/-

2nd Winner: Rs 500,000/-

3rd Winner: Rs 100,000/-

4th Winner: Rs 10,000/-

5th Winner: Rs 5,000/-

6th Winner: Rs 1,000/-

7th Winner: Rs 500/-

8th Winner: Rs 100/-

Winner? Rush to Claim your Amount!

The prize winners are requested  to carefully verify the winning numbers with the provided results published in the Kerala Government official site and surrender their winning tickets within 30 days. The sthree sakthi lottery result   were held at  Pazhavangadi, Sree Chitra Home Auditorium, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The announcement started at 3 p.m. Also acquire live results at the official page at 4 p.m.

Lottery result of Sthree Sakthi

Things to Remember before Claiming your Prize Money

Congratulations! It’s time to claim your prize money. If you see your name in the list of winners of kerala lottery submit the winning lottery ticket in 30 days along with necessary documents. It should include a self attested photostat copy of the lottery ticket of both sides, 2 passport sized photos, self attested receipt for the prize money with a Rs 1/- stamp. A copy to prove identity like PAN card, election card, Ration card, Driving License, Passport.  In case the winner is a minor, then a guardianship certificate is a must.

The tickets above 1 lakh submit to the district lottery offices after defining the signature, name and address of the winner at the back of the ticket. For the amount ranging above 1 lakh, required tax will be deducted and deposited in the central government account. The middlemen or agents will cut down their commission. No surcharge or educational cess is deducted as per the Income tax rules.

The tickets holding a ransom of more than 1 lakh and upto 20 lakh, shall be passed for payment by the Deputy Directorate while the amount above 20 lakh will be over the Director.


The Sthree sakthi lottery result is a small role played by the government in order to increase the employment rate in the state. It is very simple, just buy a weekly lottery tick
et costing within Rs 50. Weekly lottery tickets are available every day. Go to the kerala lottery site and click on ‘Result View’. You can also check older results.  Reach the district lottery office to submit your lottery ticket and required documents to avail your winning amount.

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