Nagaland State Lottery: Check Nagaland Lottery Result today online

Nagaland State Lottery

Nagaland State Lottery Result

Check your luck with Nagaland State Lottery! This article will help to know your Nagaland State lottery online using your laptops and computers. Lotteries are much popular in states such as Mizoram, Maharashtra,Kerala and Nagaland. This whole lottery business among different states is conducted by government of the respective states to help people to remove their economic crises and thereby making them rich. Nagaland is also one of those states where lottery business are conducted. Well for this government appoints agents to run this and these agents organizes this game of luck.

Nagaland state Lottery was established in the year 1972 and the purpose of this implementation was to generate the revenue. Here multiple draws are played on weekly basis.The Nagaland State lotteries has never been easier for playing,If you have been playing this lottery that you know about it.Many of you must had bought the tickets but may not be aware about checking your results. So here we will guide you with the steps regarding your Nagaland state lottery online.Nagaland State Lottery


Below are the official links given to check your Nagaland state lottery. Clink on the given link and download the list of the winning numbers in pdf format. If you are checking your result on your cell phone make sure must have Pdf or Dbf format app. so get ready to know your luck with Nagaland state lottery as well as try on daily kerala lottery 

  1. Today Results and
  2. Old results

Here you can also find old results of Nagaland state lottery, so if you missed to check your results then no need to worry just follow our website. The results of 4.00 pm draw and 8.00 pm draw is available. After you check your results you need to claim for the prizes. So for that just click on the below given link to claim for the prize.

  • Prize Claim Form

Well Nagaland state consists of lottery schemes on weekly basis as well as on daily basis. You can able to draw the results of weekly basis at 4.00 Pm which can be on specified day of week and for daily basis you can draw at 8.00 Pm. Following are the schemes of Nagaland state Lottery.

Nagaland State Lottery Result


  • Monday- Sangam Delight
  • Tuesday- Sangam Zeal
  • Wednesday-  Sangam Tough
  • Thursday-  Sangam Dignity
  • Friday-      Sangam  Energy
  • Saturday-  Sangam Vigor
  • Sunday-     Sangam  Great

Where as on DAILY BASIS there is only one scheme which is DEAR GENTAL EVENING. Well the names of all the schemes are truly inspiring, isn’t it? As if it makes you feel that you going to win! So this was the whole information about the schemes you can buy. Now let’s talk about the most important think for which you are buying the tickets and that is the amount of Winning Prizes.


You can purchase the lottery ticket of Nagaland just for Rs 10/- and following are the amount given to the winners as per the sequence.

1st Prize : 51 lakh Rs

2nd Prize: 9500 Rs

3rd Prize: 9000 Rs

4th Prize: 1000 Rs

5th Prize: 600 Rs

So these all are the Prizes you can claim as per your number of winning. Make sure you while claiming you must have fulfilled the mandatory details such us your Name, address, ticket number and it must be in capital letters.


Hope the above given information regarding Nagaland state lottery, checking and claiming of Prizes, schemes and Prizes of the lotteries are clear. Do you know whent is result of nirmal lottery will published? Do follow the links so that you can able to get your results successfully. And if you required more details about it then you can get through following given contact details.



TELEPHONE NO: 03702229982

So this was the whole information about Nagaland state lottery. Well government is running these business so that people can get a chance to become rich within a short period of time. Those people who are in a urgent need of money can play this game of luck which is legal rather committing any crime. Not only the people but this lottery business also becomes the income source of government. Check also other lottery result like Today Mizoram lottery result, Punjab, Sikkim and Maharashtra lottery result. The income generated from this state lottery are used for Public welfare.

Thus not only Nagaland state lottery but there are other states such as Goa, Maharastra, West Bengal, Mizzoram, Kerala etc who are engaged in such business for the benefit of people. So you can visit our website to know the results of other states as well. Till then stay connected we will keep updating you with information also do share this website to your friends and family who are playing this game. And if you come up with any queries then do share with us we will get back to as soon as possible.

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